Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer
Grip Strength Trainer

Grip Strength Trainer

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The Easiest Way to Increase Grip Strength!

Flexors in your arm are activated when you squeeze and the extensors activate when you open your hand. Lifting weights requires you to repeatedly engage ONLY your flexors, causing a musculature imbalance in the forearms which over time leads to strained muscles and tendons followed by pain in the surrounding joints. If you don’t take some time off at this point (often months) it can progress into a debilitating and chronic case of carpal tunnel or tendonitis. That's why it's so important to exercise your extensors!

The Grip Strength Trainer is a simple strength training solution that targets both the flexor and extensor muscles. It effectively prevents pain, stabilizes your wrists and elbows, improves musculature, and makes you more resistant to injury by strengthening and balancing the underdeveloped muscle groups of your forearm. This therapeutic Grip Strength Trainer comes in 3 resistance levels: GREEN (light), GREY (moderate) & BLUE (heavy) to provide you with your ideal training level.


  • Injury Prevention
  • Increased Grip Strength
  • Balance/Build Forearm Musculature
  • Stabilize Wrist & Elbow Joints
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Effective Tendonitis/Carpal Tunnel Relief
  • Faster Injury Recovery
  • Post Injury/Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Convenient (Use them ANYWHERE)


  • Place loops over the second digit of fingers
  • Open your hand as far as you can 10-20 reps
  • Repeat 3-5 times on each hand
  • Train every 2-3 days
  • Train at YOUR level! DO NOT overtrain!
  • DISCONTINUE if experiencing pain or numbness from exercises


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color:
    • Green: 6.6LBS
    • Gray: 8.8LBS
    • Blue: 11LBS


  • 1 x Grip Strength Trainer