Fidget Spin Ring
Fidget Spin Ring
Fidget Spin Ring
Fidget Spin Ring
Fidget Spin Ring
Fidget Spin Ring

Fidget Spin Ring

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Ring Size Diameter Perimeter
6 16mm 50.24mm
7 17mm 53.38mm
8 18mm 56.52mm
9 19mm 59.66mm
10 20mm 62.80mm
11 21mm 65,94mm
12 22mm 69.08mm

Look Stylish And Get A Stress Relief!

✔ STRESS RELIEVE: Get relief from stress by spinning the chain on the ring and immediately feel better! 

✔ BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Your hands will look so stylish and elegant wearing this beautiful ring designed with care and creativity! 

✔ HIGH QUALITY: Be sure that high-quality materials this ring is made of will feel comfortable on your finger and won’t cause you any allergic reactions! 

✔ LONG LASTING: Have a durable ring that will not fade or change color, and is non-degradable and scratch-resistant!

Get a new stylish look and make your hand look more elegant by wearing this Fidget Spin Ring! The ring will also help you in stressful situations -you can just spin the chain on the ring and the movements will ease your mind.

Be sure that you will not have any allergic reactions because this Spin Ring is made of high-quality materials: 18-carat titanium steel, 316L stainless steel base, that are anti-allergic and absolutely safe for the skin.

You will also feel very comfortable wearing it, due to ergonomic design and smooth high-polished inner surface. 

No matter how often you wear this ring, you can be sure that it will last longer, due to durable materials that are non-degradable and scratch-resistant, and also have electric color retention that prevents your ring from fading. The ring is suitable for both men and women.